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Jason has a love for all things Old School; you name it; hip-hop, drum & bass, breakdance or graffiti, who in God’s amazing plan, was brought from a life of crime into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

He is now the Senior Pastor of Brixton Local Church and has seven wonderful children and a great wife, Julie, who he's known since school days.

He enjoys entrepreneurship but his true passion is simple: he's enthusiastic about seeing people in Brixton and across London come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ!

FELIX AREMO, assistant pastor

Felix grew up in South London, raised by hard-working Christian parents. Despite this privilege, it was only as a teenager that he discovered God's forgiveness and Fatherly love through Jesus Christ. For this reason, Felix loves introducing people to Jesus and encouraging them to follow Him.

After studying at uni, Felix worked as an engineer for a couple of years and then served as a Bible teacher at a church in Newcastle. Felix returned to London to study Theology before joining the staff at BLoC. He is married to the wonderful Efua and they're both excited about what God is doing through BLoC.



Gabs grew up in a loving and lively home in Manchester. She went to church with her grandmother from infancy, but it wasn’t until Gabs was 15 that she met Jesus Christ for herself.

Throughout her education Gabs grew in concern for her community. This led to involvement in a number of social enterprises and a decision to study Economics at uni. In her final year, she was deeply convicted that whilst her community needed much governmental, societal and familial change, the only thing that brings lasting restoration is people coming to know Jesus.

Gabs came to London to study Theology also served alongside the staff team at All Souls Langham Place. Upon leaving Oak Hill she joined London City Mission in order to serve the community of Brixton and BLoC.

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Yannick was born and bred in London to Nigerian parents and had the joy of growing up in a Christian home. Through the witness of his family and church, Yannick began to trust in Christ from a very early age. He went to Nigeria for boarding school at the age of 10 to learn more about his heritage.

He has always had a desire to teach the Bible but this grew considerably after he went off to Scotland to study Theology at uni. He loved it so much he went to seminary in America straight afterwards. Yannick is passionate about teaching that is Christ-centred, Gospel-centred and Biblically based within his community.

He loves food, sports and anime but most of all he loves people. His favourite person is Kiitan, to whom he is happily married.