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What is BLoC?

Brixton Local Church.

We are a Church for local people in Brixton but also for people from across London.  

We’re just a group of ordinary people who follow a very impressive God. Honestly, that’s it!

As a Church, we're committed to teaching God’s Word, the Bible and living it out through the power of His Spirit.


So what’s your story?

We started in a small flat on an estate in Brixton.  The main ingredient of that initial meeting, like all of our gatherings today was looking at what God has to say through His Word - the Bible, with food and good banter. It's part of the BLoC flavour.

We started weekly Sunday meetings in September 2015 and moved to our current location at Evelyn Grace Academy in March 2016. As we enter 2017, we’re eager to love and serve our local community well. It’s a really exciting time to be part of the BLoC family.


Well, what do you believe?

We believe God’s in the business of changing people. Seriously we do.

We believe this because we’ve experienced it ourselves - God transforms people through the Gospel about His Son, Jesus Christ. We heard, believed and came to know God through the gospel. Now we aim to live and speak the gospel as a Church in London.

It's hard to get your head around, but God actually changes people so that they love him and become committed to sharing His message of generosity, love and forgiveness to our beautiful but broken world. 

We believe that God saves people, empowers them with His Spirit and sends them into dark, broken and impossible situations. God’s transformed people are called to shine as light in the world, bringing healing and peace, by living and speaking the gospel.

As BLoC we're passionate about sharing this gospel both within Brixton (where God has placed us as a church) and across London. But, don’t just let us tell you what we’re like - come and see for yourself! 


You mentioned “the Gospel” – what’s that?

“Gospel” means “good news”. The Gospel is the incredibly great news that we can enjoy relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ. 


What’s so special about Jesus?

Jesus is the Son of God who came to earth as a man, died on the cross for our sins, rose from death as our ruler, and will return to earth as our judge and king. Everyone who trusts Him will enjoy life with God forever.

That’s an insanely brief summary filled with deep concepts. We’d love to unpack things further with you. Please drop us a line.


What do you want to see in Brixton?

We want to see lives transformed, families transformed, and whole communities transformed as people come to know, love and follow Jesus Christ.

Our aim is for girls, boys, teenagers, men and women to become mature and healthy followers of Jesus Christ. 

We’ve identified three qualities which describe maturity in BLoC: love for God, love for the Church family, and love for Brixton and the world. 

Everything we do as a church aims at growth in these areas. We want to see many more healthy disciples of Jesus within Brixton and across London – people who are growing in their relationship with God, committed to a church family, while living to make Jesus known in the world.


How do you plan to achieve your aims?

God brought us to know Him through the good news about His Son. He is growing us in maturity and health through that same gospel. Therefore, at BLoC we focus our resources towards making sure we’re faithfully sharing the gospel through our words and our actions.

Relationships are also very important to us. We’re committed to keeping it real as a church family. We share our lives together through meaningful, loving friendships but we also seek to love all people through personal and genuine authentic relationships. 

Don’t get us wrong we’re certainly a work in progress but we aim to be authentic in all aspects of life as we let God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit lead us as a Church.


What sort of church is BLoC?

We’re not a massive fan of labels - they can be so easily misunderstood and can create unnecessary divisions amongst Christians.

However, we are part of a network of churches called Co-Mission, which seeks to plant new churches across London.

We also partner with other churches and with organisations such as London City Mission.